Firefighter Dad Saves His Kid From Drowning And Cameras Caught It All

dad saves kid from drowning

A quick-acting firefighter dad saves his kid from drowning. And the incredible moment was caught on film thanks to security cameras!

One-year-old Cole Petite wanted to take a swim in the pool with his big sister. But he didn't understand the dangers of jumping in all by himself. Prior to jumping in Cole took off his life vest.

Firefighter Dad Saves Kid From Drowning

In this heart-stopping video, we are reminded to be vigilant with our children around any body of water because all it takes is one second for them to find unexpected danger. But Cole has a father who is a hero. Not just because he saved Cole's life, but because he puts his life on the line every day as a firefighter.

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Zack Petite recalled the terrifying moment and realized the situation could have turned out differently. He said, "If I hadn't been in arms reach, it might have been too late for me to go in and grab him."

Cole was blessed that his father happened to be right nearby when Cole decided to take a dip. The quick-thinking dad saves his kid and averts tragedy.

Zack's Fire Chief, Eddie Sell, says their dangerous encounter with the pool is proof this can happen to anyone. "It's proof this can happen to anyone at any time, so seconds matter," he said as he emphasized to never turn your back on your kids.

As hard as it is to watch the terrifying moment when Cole slips under the water, we can breathe a prayer of gratitude that Cole is safe and sound. With summer in full swing, we will be flocking to the pool or lake to cool off. May this video be a reminder to be diligent. Thank God for vigilant dad's like Zack. It was a miracle he was there to rescue his son in time. We are so thankful Cole is okay!

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"The angel of the Lord appeared to him and said to him, "The Lord is with you, O valiant warrior," Judges 6:12.

WATCH: Cameras Roll As Dad Saves Kid From Drowning

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