Man Marries The Love Of His Life Days Before Going Into Surgery For A Brain Tumor

surgery for a brain tumor will law

A man married the love of his life a mere 12 days before going into surgery for a brain tumor.

Wedding Before Surgery For A Brain Tumor

39-year-old Will Law was counting down the days to married bliss when persistent weakness on his left side made Will decide he better get it checked out. Everything changed in one conversation.

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Will learned he had a rare type of brain cancer. He was planning a future with his fiance Lindsay Hodgdon and now he would need to plan to fight for his life. Would he even have the future he wanted? Unsure of how to move forward, Will's doctor encouraged him to say, ‘I do' before his scheduled surgery for a brain tumor.

"He encouraged us to go get married, so that was good. It made us definitely relax a little bit,” Lindsay said. “I told him that in this next journey, he’s not going to be alone. He has me now.”

“It was a perfect day,” Will said when he talks about getting married. Will and Lindsay married on November 5th. A mere 12 days later, Will underwent surgery to remove a large, stage three tumor in his brain.

“We knew we were meant to meet each other,” Lindsay added.

Facing The Journey Together

The surgery for the brain tumor took five grueling, faith-filled hours. The journey after surgery is ongoing. Will also had 33 rounds of chemotherapy, and Lindsay was by his side the entire time.

Their love was refined through sickness and pain. Both Lindsay and Will say they gleaned valuable tools like patience and grace during the process. But the best part of their story is the future they have together. Will is now on the road to recovery, and he is grateful for the partner God put by his side.

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"God brings good out of everything for those who love him," Romans 8:28.

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