Dancer Donovyn Diaz Dedicates Performance To Mom Battling Cancer And It’s Emotional

donovan diaz

20-year-old Donovyn Diaz left everyone in awe with his emotional dance routine on America’s Got Talent, dedicated to his mother who is battling cancer.

Everyone has a motivation, a reason for their decisions and actions. Whether it be selfish or philanthropic, there is something driving the activities and deeds for all. That is especially true for those who appear on shows like America's Got Talent, American Idol and The Voice.

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Some contestants hope their auditions and displaying their talents will catapult them to international fame, with a trail swooning fans everywhere they go. Others see dollar signs, hoping to capture the prize money offered by those programs.

But still, others use their time in the spotlight for others, which is what 26-year-old Donovyn Diaz was doing.

An Emotional Dance Routine

Donovyn, during his back and forth with Sofía Vergara explained how he came to be dancing and auditioning on the America's Got Talent stage.

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"I'm very close [with his family]," Donovyn said. "They're actually the main reason I'm here today. My mom, she's actually battling breast cancer. It's OK. She's had it since I was two years old, and I'm here because I want her to be like, ‘That's my son, he's doing something great.' I want her to see me and say, ‘I raised a star.'"

After those few moments, Donovyn Diaz promptly got into his routine.

What happened next was a spectacular interpretive dance number. Donovyn's heartfelt moves, combined with his sweet motivating factor had several in the audience in tears during his performance.

Donovyn's touching dance routine left the entire studio audience and the judges on their feet, applauding the young man.

Sofia called the 26-year-old dancer's audition "spectacular." Howie Mandel was in complete agreement with Sofia's assessment.

"It was beautiful," Howie said. "It was ballet, it was modern — it was athletic."

When it came time to vote on Donovyn's interpretative dance routine, the judges gave the young man four yes votes, sending him to the next round of the competition.

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Psalm 30:11 "You have turned for me my mourning into dancing: you have put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness;"

WATCH: Donovyn Diaz Dances For Mom Battling Cancer

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