Scared Little Boy Whispers Question, ‘Is My Dad in Heaven’ to Pope Who Responds

is my dad in heaven

Grab a tissue and prepare to get misty-eyed as a scared little boy whispers a question, "Is my Dad in Heaven,' to the Pope, who responds with such solace, comfort, and grace.

Pope Francis visited the St. Paul Parish in Rome. The Pope typically expects to give God's words of wisdom, and he expects to meet with people in need of direction, comfort, and inspiration. I'm willing to bet he wasn't expecting a child to ask him about where his father might be.

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A brave and curious little boy had a question burning a hole inside his broken heart. Emanuele walked up to the microphone. But as he looked at his surroundings, stage fright overcame him.

The Pope then invited Emanuele to whisper his question into the Pope's ear. Emanuele shyly walked over and crumbled into the arms of the Pope. It was as if he needed a warm embrace from his heavenly father and whispered the question that he desperately wanted answers to.

“Is my Dad in Heaven?”

Pope’s Compassionate Response To Boy’s Question

The moments between the pair seemed to go on for eternity as they whispered back and forth before Emanuele walked away with tears in his eyes.

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Then the Pope addressed the Parish. He said, "If only we could all cry like Emanuele when we have an ache in our hearts like he has."

The Pope went on to answer Emanuele's question after he addressed the children at the Parish. Emanuele had questioned, “Is my Dad in Heaven?”

In the video, the Pope said that Emanuele's father had himself and the rest of his siblings baptized, but his father wasn't a believer in Christ.

The crowd hushed and leaned into the Pope's answer.

"God doesn't abandon his children…Surely this pleased God very much." He went on to say God was proud of Emanuele's father in raising them up in the church and having them baptized in Christ's name. The Pope went on to tell this sweet, precious child that he can talk to his father.

What a beautiful way to comfort a grieving child and help him understand how God doesn't abandon us in our time of need.

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"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit," Psalms 34:18.

WATCH: Scared Little Boy Asks Pope, ‘Is My Dad In Heaven?’

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