Quarantined Police Officer Questions Siri ‘How Can I Get Saved?’ And It Leads Him To Jesus

police officer questions how do i get saved

While quarantined for exposure to COVID-19, a terrified police officer questions Siri, asking “How do I get saved?” And the search leads him to Jesus.

During the global pandemic of the COVID-19, many stayed home in an effort to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. But there was also a group of essential workers, such as police officers, venturing out each day to serve their communities from the frontlines.

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The decision to continue serving meant sacrificing their own, personal safety to help others. And the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association tells the inspiring short story of David. This police officer questions his faith during these trying times, only to have God answer in an amazing way!

(Please note, while this is a true story, the names have been changed to respect the privacy of those involved)

“The Lord is near the broken-hearted; he is the saviour of those whose spirits are crushed down.” Psalm 34:18

Police Officer Questions Faith

Through their online ministry, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association offers an online chat feature. These chat coaches provide Christian faith-based direction and encouragement for visitors to the site.

One day, a chat coach named Gloria had an amazing, divine encounter with a police officer named David.

David has served in the police department for 20 years. But the global pandemic left the police officer with questions about his Christian faith.

During the course of his work in these uncertain times, David began feeling sick. He feared he’d contracted the coronavirus and went into quarantine.

While anxiously awaiting the results of his COVID-19 test, the police officer questions Siri, the virtual assistant on his cell phone.

“How can I get saved,” he asked.

That one question led him to the Billy Graham website, and ultimately to a chat coach named Gloria. And God clearly used his exchange with this special angel to lead him to Jesus!

How Do I Get Saved?

David confided his fears in Gloria, The police officer opened up about the questions he was battling in both his physical and spiritual life.

"I'm struggling with faith, and with everything going on ... even more so," he wrote.

As Gloria talked about finding peace in God, David elaborated upon his crisis of faith.

For the most part, David had always felt living a righteous life was enough. Like so many, he focused more on being a “good person” than building and maintaining a personal relationship with the Lord.

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"I haven't had a relationship with God in so long," he confessed.

When David started feeling ill, he became terrified of having COVID-19.

"I'm not ready to go yet," David typed. "I'm only 48. ... I still feel I have things left to do."

The police officer had so many questions about what lie ahead for him.

"I'm so lost," he told Gloria. "And very scared."

Thankfully, David’s question to Siri had brought him to the right place. There, Gloria could share with him the Good News!

Our Lord And Savior

Gloria went on to use Scripture to help answer the police officer’s questions.

She explained how sin results in death BUT how God also sent His Son, to give us the gift of eternal life (Romans 6:23). The chat coach went on to proclaim the Good News — that we can all find salvation through Jesus Christ!

Gloria provided David with several resources to help develop his relationship with our Lord and Savior, including a prayer.

"The words of the prayer are not magical," she explained. "The important thing is the attitude of your heart."

And from there, David made a commitment to renewing his faith and accepting Christ.

We don’t know the results of David’s COVID-19 test. But we don’t need to. He’s already received the victory of eternal life because the police officer’s questions led him to Jesus!

You can read the full exchange between David and Gloria at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

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And if you, too, are battling fear in these uncertain times, remember Jesus offers the same gift to you. Please use these 20 Bible verses to fight fear and remind you that God is in control!

h/t: The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

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