3 Triplets Separated At Birth Share Their Amazing Story Of Finding Each Other Again

triplets separated at birth

Three triplets separated as babies found each other again years later. And now they share the incredible story of their reunion!

Life is an experience full of trying, often heartbreaking decisions. When it comes to making choices, one can only use the best information available to them at the time and then hope for a satisfactory outcome.

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A clip posted on YouTube explains how a couple in Colorado, more than 30 years ago, had to make one of those life-changing and heart-wrenching decisions. After Kathleen and Lee used a sperm donor and became pregnant with triplets, they were unable to care for all three children.

So, because of their financial situation and other personal challenges, the family put two of the girls up for adoption.

Triplets Separated At Birth

The couple kept and raised Rikki Jump. However, Kendall and Julianne Scavo were adopted. Both were raised by a couple who lived only 40 miles from their sister, Rikki.

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As the video states, Rikki grew up aware of Kendall and Julianne's existence. But Kendall and Julianne had no idea they had another sister out there until one Christmas morning when their parents told them about Rikki.

This Christmas Day revelation resulted in the three sisters getting to know one another, eventually becoming pen pals. At 11 years old, the three triplets separated since birth met for the first time in a mall. In an appearance on The Today Show, the sisters described how that first in-person encounter felt.

"A lot like a puzzle piece sliding into place," Rikki said. "I had been a pretty sad kid up to that point, just because of the tragic loss of my father, so it was like the first reprieve I had from that in a long time."

3 Sisters Are Reunited For Good

Now, after a series of unexpected events, the young women have been brought together once again. They all live in Austin, Texas, within minutes of one another.

The women added that they now see one another several times a week. Rikki, Julianne and Kendall have even started a podcast on which they share their unique story.

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Proverbs 22:6 "If a child is trained up in the right way, even when he is old, he will not be turned away from it."

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