A Divorced Mom Learns How To Be Loved Again And Shares Her Story

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Sometimes life does not always turn out the way we think it should, especially when it comes down to love and relationships. In the midst of chaos, this divorced mom shares how God blessed her with a second shot at love in this video.

Kristina Kuzmic is a divorced mom of two who grew really strong feelings for someone that came into her life. His name is Phillip and he appears to be just the perfect fit. But she had to go through the process of understanding that she does not have to settle for anything less than God's best for her.

Like most moms who go through a divorce, she felt all of the weight of insecurities. So many questions ran through her head about her physical appearance, how she should present her new relationship to her children, and if Phillip would be able to handle the demands of her lifestyle.

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Phillip did not have any children of his own. So, he would be experiencing fatherhood for the first time if he chose to be with Kristina. That did not make him any less interested in Kristina. In fact, the more she opened up to him, the more he grew more in love with her.

He showed that love for her one early morning. Kristina was sick and so was one of her kids. At 3am she called Phillip and he came to her house quickly and in a hurry. He told her to go lay down and rest while he cleaned up the mess from her child being sick. He was so calm, kind, and loving towards her and her children.

She was then sure he was "the one". Soon after, the two of them got married and added another baby into the family! Kristina encourages other moms that God has someone ready for them and that they should not settle for anymore broken relationships.

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Credit: Youtube/Kristina Kuzmic

Source: Youtube/Kristina Kuzmic

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