Family Bravely Shares The First 48 Hours Of Their Adoption Story

godupdates family shares adoption story

When a baby is being put up for adoption, the birth mother has to wait a little while before signing the adoption papers. For Domonique, she had to wait 48 hours. Dominque is a young girl who had an unplanned pregnancy. She made the brave decision to put her son up for adoption and found the perfect family.

She was blessed to find Ally and Ryan. They loved him more than what she ever dreamt of or hoped for. During her pregnancy, she had no hesitation that she chose the right parents for her baby boy. But when the time came for her to have the baby, they were so uncertain of what the next 48 hours would bring.

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Ally and Ryan quickly rushed to the hospital as soon as they got the call. The moment they have been anxiously waiting for had come. The baby that they hoped to adopt was born and they were so eager to meet him.


As soon as they got him in their arms they were so full of admiration and love for him. Dominique didn't want to get used to having him around. She let the soon-to-be parents spend as much time with him as they wanted. She had no obligation to do so, but she was so grateful to them and knew how much they loved the baby boy already. Though they had the baby in their arms, they were still not sure if they would be able to take him home. The papers had not been signed and the baby was still legally Dominque's. But they stood in hope, waiting at the hospital watching the clock.

Ally and Ryan fully embraced the time they had with Everett. They made the most out of every minute that they got to spend with him. They thought about how much they prayed for a baby, specifically for a baby boy. Full of so much faith, they gave him a name without even knowing if they were allowed to adopt him.

They named him "Everett", which means strong and brave. After the characteristics that Dominique showed throughout this process. When she was tempted to choose another decision, she chose to give baby Everett life. That is a decision of courage. Ally and Ryan wanted that name to be a reminder of that.

On the last night, Dominique asked to spend the night with Everett before she signed her legal rights away. She does not want the parents to be nervous that she would change her mind, but she is overwhelmed at the thought of having to say goodbye.

But in the middle of the night, Dominique got so overwhelmed and it was too much for her to continue with her last night with Everett. She asked for Ally to come to her hospital room so that Everett can spend the rest of the night with them.

The day came, and the decision was made the would change baby Everette life forever. After a long 48 hours, Dominque can finally give her baby more than what she could have provided him on her own- parents who love him and can take care of him.

As she signed the adoption papers the moment was full of emotion. But she was so reassured that she was making the best decision she could for Everett. Ally promised to tell Everett all about his birth mother and how beautiful and strong she was

godupdates family shares adoption story

Credit: Youtube/The Archibald Project

Dominique encourages others who maybe be in similar situations like she is to not be afraid and to trust that there are people who are looking for a baby to love and adopt.

WATCH: Family Shares Adoption Story

Credit: Youtube/The Archibald Project

Source: Youtube/The Archibald Project

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