Family Struggles To Find Joy During First Christmas Without Their Son

The holiday season brings so much joy, but it can also be a sad time for some. Especially for those who are celebrating without a loved one for the first time. That is what this family is experiencing. A little boy passed away and his family is having a hard time getting through their first Christmas with him not there.

It is a gloomy night. With a face drench with tears, ever family member in this clip is really feeling the pain of him being gone. His mom is looking out the window, wishing that her little boy was still alive to spend Christmas with them. As she walks to check on her husband, she finds him sobbing. Then she looks into her daughter's room and sees that she is crying too. It is obvious that everyone is so heartbroken and having a hard time adjusting to life without their boy.

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Wishing that she can do something to bring joy to her family, she and her daughter came up with an idea. The next morning, bright and early, she left a Christmas present next to her husband's pillow while he was sleeping. As soon as he wakes up, he sees that his wife and his daughter are not there. When he opens the Christmas present, he saw a note that hinted his surprise.

He was being sent on a scavenger hunt. Not just any scavenger hunt, but one that will incorporate memories from when their son was alive. In the note, his wife wrote, "meet us where our boy won his first medal". He knew exactly where to go.

As he approached a soccer field, where he sees his wife and his daughter sitting at a picnic table waiting for him. He jumps out of the car and runs into their arms. You can really feel the love! This was really a sweet way to include their little boy on Christmas day. Now it feels like Christmas!

WATCH: Family Celebrates Their First Christmas Without Their Son

Source: Youtube/Shape History

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