Christmas Ad Shows Mom Haunted By Guilt From The Past Fighting To Reconcile With Daughter

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A Germany based grocery store called PENNY released an extremely powerful Christmas ad showing the lengths a mother will go to in order to reconcile with her daughter.

The video shows a mother haunted by the guilt of her past. As she stands in her guest room staring at a quilt she is reminded of a memory from years ago.

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She recalls a moment where she and her adult daughter lost touch after a fight. Since that day, they have never spoken or spent Christmas together. The strain on this mother-daughter relationship seems to be too much to bear this year.

So, this mother decides to travel to her daughter’s house with the quilt to reconcile their relationship once and for all.

Mom’s Incredible Journey To Reconcile

This woman travels through heavy snow and ice to see her daughter. At one point, she falls through the ice into a pond. Once she gets out she continues to trudge onward through the harsh winter weather.

Later, she runs into a vicious wolf that tries to deter her but ends getting away from it quickly.

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She finally arrives at her daughter’s house and rings the doorbell. Her daughter answers and begins to tear up when she realizes it’s her mom standing at the door. The two give each other a warm embrace, almost like they’ve never been apart.

Then the words, “However long the path might seem: It’s Christmas. Time to reconcile.” come across the screen. This ad truly reminds us what Christmas is all about. During the holidays it’s important to remember that no conflict is worth separating your family for Christmas.

This ad challenges us to put our differences aside and come together in the name of family this Christmas.

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No relationship is never too far gone to be reconciled. All it takes is someone having the courage to take that first step into the unknown. This holiday season is the perfect time for that.

WATCH: Ad Shows Moms Determination To Reconcile With Daughter

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