Grocery Store Christmas Ad Reminds Us No One Should Be Alone On Christmas

Christmas time is all about being together with your loved ones. But that isn't always easy. And for this little grocery store scanner Christmas is the loneliest time of all.

When you go to the grocery store you always wonder what is going on inside of the cash register scanner. You can see the little glowing light and hear the beep but it's always a wonder. Well, the folks of Migros stores decided to imagine what it would be like if a tiny person was living inside each register. Day by day this sweet little guy scans every single thing that goes past his register with his special hat. He doesn't mind his job at all and he has a cozy little home inside the register.

But one day with Christmas coming up he scans a Christmas card and his heart sinks. He realized that he doesn't have anyone to share his Christmas with. That night the store closed and he sat sad feeling terribly lonely. He ventured out of his register and into the store hoping to make a special Christmas party just for him. He set up his tree and had all the right things but still he sad with no one to share his Christmas with.

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That's when the kind lady who works his register realized she forgot something and had to come back after hours. She heard his sad little dings and knew she could help.

She picked him up and turned around to see that all the little people from inside the registers were coming out. She kindly brought them all together so that they could celebrate.

This very sweet ad is such a powerful reminder that no one should be alone on Christmas. If you know anyone who may spend Christmas alone, reach out and share the love!

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Credit: Migros

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