Viral Christmas Ad Showcases The Power Of Love

This viral Christmas ad from Erste is the perfect reminder of love during the holiday season. Loving ourselves and loving one another is so important and it's truly at the heart of Christmas.

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In this online animation ad, a hedgehog has just arrived at his new school. But he soon realizes that all of his other classmates have soft fur, while he is the only one with prickly quills.

The other students aren't quite sure what to think of the hedgehog and some are even afraid of him. You can see the classmates move their desks further away from the poor new guy and no one will play with him at recess.

Christmas Ad Showcases The Power Of Love


Then, one day, a new friend offers the hedgehog a seat on the bus. But when a bump on the ride causes a quill to poke his new friend, the hedgehog is noticeably discouraged. He's in a whole new place and feels like he doesn't fit in with everyone else. Many of us have felt that way at least once or twice in our lives.

Thankfully, love truly found a way and this hedgehog received one of the best gifts of all. This might be a commercial, but the sentiments are so real. Christmas is all about love.

The love we have for one another and the love our Father had for all of us on Earth. God sent His only Son to save us all for our sins. His ultimate act of love freed us from our chains and now we will all live out our days in Heaven. Love is so powerful and it can truly do all things, like helping a prickly hedgehog make friends with other animals.


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