Hospital’s Emotional Viral Video About the Power of Love

Hospital of Love viral video cancer

When the Barretos Cancer Hospital in Brazil decided to change their name to the “Hospital de Amor” which means Hospital of Love, it was for a very good reason. They wanted to show just how powerful love is for patients battling cancer.

The hospital knows that love and support can go a long way in the fight to recover from cancer, and they wanted to get that point across. To announce the name change, they created an incredibly emotional video about a young girl named Nina. Nina was out playing with her beloved dog one day when something went terribly wrong.

The poor child suddenly found herself battling cancer, but she had her family and caring doctors by her side every step of the way. Even though there were difficult times where she felt like she was losing control, she was still being lifted up throughout her journey.

The movie’s director shared with AdWeek how the short film was a labor of love for the production crew, too. "Since the beginning, we were very engaged and moved by the theme, especially considering some of the crew members have personally experienced the hardship of having a loved one facing cancer."

As amazing as the advancements of medicine are, we can’t discount the power of prayer and love when it comes to healing! Remember to reach out to those who are hurting and in need of healing with prayer and kindness. It can do what doctors cannot! (And how cool is it that this hospital recognizes this?!)

This beautifully animated video is melting hearts all over the internet now. But a word of warning, grab the tissue box before hitting play!

WATCH: Hospital of Love – Touching Short Film about Overcoming Cancer

Credit: Hospital de Amor

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