Grieving Parents Share Photos Of Their Baby Who Died At Birth

Couple’s Photos Celebrating The Baby They Lost

Some people think there is a certain point at which life becomes valuable. But all life is precious. Cameron and Genavive Edman are a brave couple who understand this. When they received the devastating news that their son would leave for Heaven shortly after arriving, they made the decision to treasure his life — no matter how brief it may be. And the photos celebrating their baby boy’s short life are heartbreakingly beautiful.

***WARNING: Some photos may be considered graphic***

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Credit: Facebook / Genavive Edman

Genavive and Cameron were over the moon after learning their son, Gabe, was going to become a big brother. They excitedly awaited his arrival.

But then came the terrible news. The baby had a fatal disorder called Acrania. It’s a condition where the skull doesn’t form properly. This made the odds of the baby’s survival beyond birth slim to none.

The couple could have chosen to end the pregnancy there. But they refused to abort. Instead, the faithful couple decided they would make the most of the time God gave them with their child. They chose the name Clark Job for their second son, and celebrated little Clark for the blessing he was.

Genavive set up a Facebook album for photos celebrating Clark’s life. Then, the couple joyously documented the 9 month pregnancy.

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Credit: Facebook / Genavive Edman

And once Clark Job arrived, the couple’s good friend and photographer, Michelle Nagle, took photos celebrating the moments spent with their precious son.

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Though he wasn’t with his parents long, Genavive says they loved him so strongly so as to give him a lifetime of love in less than a year.

“We cherish his life and these moments forever until God sees it best to reunite us in heaven.”

Genavive realizes that the photos celebrating their son’s life may be shocking to some because of the Acrania deformity. But she has a very special request for those who find the pictures disturbing:

“Please, if it is too much, instead of reporting the only photos we have of our son, turn away and pray for us.”

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The reason the couple is sharing their difficult journey with the world is to spread a powerful and important message.

“Life is precious, miraculous, worthwhile and beautiful.”

This may seem like a sad story. But it’s actually one of hope. There is immense pain in the Edman’s journey. But they see past the sorrow through their unwavering faith. With it, they see the joy and peace that is found through God’s love. Genavive writes,

“Since the moment we held Clark’s body, I have felt/envisioned our hearts as a bleeding, open wound and so united to Christ’s Sacred Heart and all the hurt and love that He has for all of us. I like to put it this way, our hearts have been broken but also opened and made more capable of the love that He would have for us. Not only is there a new degree of appreciation and desire to love others more, there’s a new hope that fulfills all of the brokenness, at least eventually, that through a broken heart we are vulnerable enough to also receive His joy!!”

10.08.15 When I was wheeled out of the hospital 3 weeks ago, Gabe sat in my lap. As we processed past the L&D waiting room a man cracked a joke by saying “That’s one big baby.” I smiled back, too broken to really acknowledge how much it hurt. Cameron walked alongside me, using everything he had not to lose it on this guy. I was holding our toddler because our “smaller baby” was left behind in his coffin… Tonight I cradled my “big baby” once again and sang our goodnight lullaby. Oh I wish I could kiss both my boys goodnight! Thank God Clark is in the best place and thank God that Gabe is here right now! Kiss your children, they are miracles. “Godspeed little man, sweet dreams little man. Oh my love will fly to you each night on angels wings… Godspeed, sweet dreams.” #clarkjob #gabrielwalker #lifeloveloss

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Genavive continues to honor the purpose God placed on Clark’s life through her blog, Life + Love + Loss. There, she’s turned her family’s journey into a ministry to support and encourage other families facing similar situations. In one post, she writes,

“If you find yourself in this state of hopelessness where there is nothing more that the doctors can do, I want you to hear some good news. . .Your baby may not have long to live, but he/she is most certainly ALIVE. . .If you have been given news that your baby's life will not be long or is nonexistent by society's standards, don't let his or her life be taken from you too soon.”

Genavive also recently announced some exciting news. God has blessed them again with the gift of life. The family is eagerly expecting their rainbow baby early next year!

This incredible couple and their photos celebrating the son they knew for only a short time is an amazing inspiration to trust Him through the darkness, for He will see you through!

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:18

See what God did for this couple after they lost their baby and the ability to conceive!



Credit: Facebook / Genavive Edman