Mom Shares About Her Journey After Losing Her Baby Girl

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Miscarriages and infant loss can be one of the most difficult things for someone to go through. It is something that a lot of women go through in silence, but Danielle Walker decided to share her journey to help others.

Danielle is a mom of two boys and two girls. Danielle had already given birth to her first son when she found out she was pregnant with a little girl. Danielle always wanted a baby girl. She had a lot to look forward to and she was so excited. But while she was preparing for the birth of her first baby girl, Aila, she received dreadful news. Sadly Aila had a devastating genetic disease.

The doctors said that she probably would not make it after she was born. And unfortunately, Aila passed away just about a half an hour after she was born. It was so devastating for the family. Even after Danielle had her second boy a year and a half after Aila passed away, she had a lot of conflicting emotions. She felt guilty for being happy but couldn’t stop the joy her sweet baby boy had brought her.

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When she found out that she was pregnant with another baby girl, she was so excited, but shares that she was unsure how to feel once again. She had high anticipation for when her baby girl will be born, but she also remanences about the moments she had in preparing for Aila. Will she dress her baby in the dresses she purchased for Aila? What will she put in the nursery?

She did not want it to seem like she was forgetting about Aila. But she processed through all of those feelings. And though she cannot replace her child who is now in Heaven, she rejoices in the moments that aids to her and her family's steps of healing.

She had no idea of what is in store until Kezia was born. Though they are still healing from losing Aila, her family is thankful for being blessed with another baby girl. Danielle is comforted by the fact that it is perfectly okay to be happy after going through such a dark season. What a powerful story. Hopefully Danielle’s story will help others who may still be grieving from a similar loss.

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