Mom Says Hello To Twin Daughters On Her 2-Year Anniversary Of Beating Cancer

woman gives birth to twins on the same day she was declared cancer-free two years later

One woman had two more extraordinary reasons to celebrate the second anniversary of learning that she was cancer free, giving birth to twin daughters.

Cancer might as well be one of those profane, four-letter words. It's unwelcome in every single circumstance. The disease also instantly strikes fear into the hearts of the patient, family and friends. That was certainly the case for new mom Shelly Battista, who discovered a lump in her breast when pumping.

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Shelly soon learned that she had triple-negative breast cancer. However, before undergoing chemotherapy, Shelly and her husband, Robert, made the decision to freeze embryos. Eight embryos in total were frozen, according to Good Morning America.

Back in February 2020, Shelly started being treated for cancer and also underwent a double mastectomy. Later in that same year, in December, Shelly had beaten cancer! She was declared cancer-free.

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Due to the often-brutal nature of cancer treatments, Shelly's ovaries needed to be removed. The treatments had badly damaged her ovaries. However, because Shelly and Robert had decided to freeze embryos and because Shelly still had her uterus, they began trying for another child.

The couple went through several implementation procedures without any luck. Then the seventh embryo was successful, and Shelly and Robert soon learned they were going to become the proud parents to another little bundle of joy.

During a Routine Doctor’s Appointment, The Couple Received Some Very Unexpected News

But during a checkup, the couple received some unexpected news.

"We went in for our first ultrasound," Shelly said. "She kind of moved the Doppler a little bit and she was like, ‘Oh, look there's two of them!'"

Shelly and Robert were going to welcome twins!

Then on December 9, 2020, the exact day that Shelly was declared free of cancer, the couple's newest bundles of joy – Nina and Margo Ray – arrived. Nina is the older of the two girls, entering the world a full 10 minutes for Margo.

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Shelly described the girls' birthdays and learning she was cancer-free falling on the same day two years apart as "crazy."

"There was no way to ever plan something like that," Shelly said. "I just was, I don't know, like the stars aligned."

Shelly also added that "life is good" and "chaos" but "in the happiest way."

"And Jesus, looking at them said, ‘With men, this is not possible, but with God all things are possible."Matthew 19:26

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