Mom Spent 15 Years Looking For Her Missing Son, Starts Shaking When She Sees Him Online

mother and son reunited after 15 years apart

A mother and a son have now been reunited after more than a decade apart.

Most parents would do absolutely anything and everything for their children. The love a mother or father has for their child is strong and unending. Anyone who would happen to get in the way of a parent and their children, hoping to keep them apart, may want to watch out for their safety.

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That type of unending, unceasing and deep love was at work in Hope Holland's life. She had gone years without seeing her little boy Jonathan, according to ABC 10 News.

Jonathan was just three years old when he was taken away from Hope. Her ex-husband suddenly disappeared in 2000, taking her young son Jonathan with him. But Hope didn't give up...hope, according to Inspire More. Instead, she kept up her search for Jonathan.

"The only focus I had during those first three years was finding my son. How I went about looking for him is a complete blur, but that was the only thing of importance to me," she said.

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At one point, Hope even hired an investigator to help track down her child. But the person she paid to help find her son also disappeared. Things with the investigator went from bad to worse. That person let Hope's ex-husband know about the search for Jonathan, according to Inspire More.

Things did not look good.

But then a photo posted on social media led to a breakthrough in the search. Hope spotted one of Jonathan's baby photos on social media, ABC 10 News reported. After she found the photo of her son, which she took herself, she couldn't contain her emotions.

Hope Holland Could Not Contain Herself After Locating A Photo of Her Son on Social Media

"Tears uncontrollably fell down my face, my hands were shaking, my body was shaking," Hope said.

Hope then reached out to an individual who liked the photo, who happened to be a friend of Jonathan's. This person gave Hope her long-lost son's contact information.

Soon enough, they reconnected and in 2015, Hope finally hugged her then-18-year-old son.

Hope was beyond thrilled to be reunited with her child she hadn't seen in more than a decade.

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"And I'm just so happy and it's a miracle," Hope said. "I never thought this day would ever, ever come. So, I'm very, very happy. Extremely happy."

"And above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfectness."Colossians 3:14

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