Siberian Husky Says No, Literally, Every Time His Mom Tries To Bring Him Inside From The Snow

siberian husky says no to coming inside

A Siberian Husky says no to coming indoors from his playtime in the snow. But it’s not just that he won’t come inside. He literally howls the word “no!”

Not many dogs love a snow day as much as huskies! This breed lives for the colder temperatures and celebrates when it starts to snow, unlike their owners who dream of warmer weather.

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So in the wake of a Polar vortex of cold wintry weather that blanketed most of the country, one dog was so excited he literally refused to come in. Malakai, a Siberian Husky says no, literally, every time his mom tries to bring him inside from the snow.

It's almost as if you can hear this playful pup say, "Do you wanna build a snowman?" to his mom every time it starts to snow! His mom, Melissa Renick was worried about getting in trouble for leaving her happy pup out in cold temperatures that she had to prove just how much he loves it!

WATCH: Siberian Husky Says No To Coming Inside


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Melissa knew she had to document her dog's headstrong personality and love for snow. So she took to Tiktok to prove her four-year-old boy was begging to stay outside even though it was twenty degrees outside.

But that's warm enough for Malakai. Every time Melissa asked him to "come inside," Malakai would look at her, come to the threshold of the house, howl, "No" and as he shook his head incessantly.

She then said to him, "Come inside, I can get in trouble for animal cruelty if you do not come inside." The playful pup seems to understand what his mama is saying. So, he looks away and whines, "NO," before running away from the door.

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She insisted that Malakai's love for snow is beyond obedience and from what we've seen, she is right. Melissa added "He's a grown dog, he does what he wants to do. He's a good boy though."

WATCH: Siberian Husky Still Says No To Coming Indoors


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Huskies are Nordic breeds built for colder temperatures with thick fur which are bred to thrive in cold, icy conditions. It's literally in their DNA to love snow more than other dogs with thin coats.

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These dogs will see the snow coming down and beg their parents to let them out. Like Malakai, they know it's time to play in the fluffy white stuff and it’s no surprise to any parent who loves this special breed.

Because Malakai has much to say about snow days, his mama documented his feelings about it with several videos. At one point when she was concerned about the conditions, she kept him inside and Malakai proved just how unhappy he was.

Like a pouting toddler put in time out, he could be seen sitting at the door, feeling gloomy as he looked out into the backyard like it was the magical playground it is in his mind.

WATCH: Sad Dog Longs To Go Outside In The Snow


He just wants outside 😭 #fyp #snowdogs #huskylife

♬ Sad Song (feat. Elena Coats) – We The Kings

His mama couldn't help herself. She added the song, ‘Sad Song' to the Tiktok clip as Malakai sat at the door looking longingly at his beloved snow-covered playground with the lyrics summing up his feelings.

“Without you, I feel broke

Like I’m half of a whole

Like a sail in a storm

Without you, I’m just a sad song”

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Poor pup, he is just pawsitively heartbroken. Oh, Malakai we may not love snow as much as you do, but we feel your pain!

"For to the snow he says, ‘Fall on the earth,' likewise to the downpour, his mighty downpour." Job 37:6

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