Hilarious Yorkie Has No Interest In Going Out Into The Snow

godupdates adorable yorkie's first snow day

It is this adorable Yorkies first snow day and it did not go as her owner quite expected. She did not want to go out at all and it was so cute.

It is Lulu's first time in the snow and her owners are excited to see how she will react. They got her all dressed up in her blue knitted sweater that had a dog bone on the back. The tiny Yorkie is ready to be introduced to a winter wonderland and she waits to see what the hype is all about.

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Then Lulu's owners asked her was she ready and then opened the door. They expected for her to go outside and play in the snow, but what she did instead was the most hilarious thing ever. Now, Lulu is usually so excited to go outside for a walk, but her excitement immediately disappeared when they opened the door.

She stood in the doorway, facing the mound of snow that was just as tall as she was. Should she try to jump over it? Or should she go right through it? She did not know what to do. She sniffed to try to come up with some rhyme or reason as to why the fluffy, white stuff was in the way.

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Lulu was so confused. She hesitated and once she felt the freezing cold breeze, she turned right back around and ran away so fast. She was not having it! It was so adorable and funny. You can almost hear her saying ‘Nope, nope, nope.’

WATCH: Adorable Yorkies First Snow Day

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H/t & Featured Image Credit: Rumble/ViralHog