Hilarious Little Girl Says Yes To Everything

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When a mommy caught her toddler being naughty, she didn't quite expect her honesty and cooperation. The little girl says yes to all of her mommy's questions and it was the cutest thing.

When most babies learn to speak, they love to say, "no". But not this little girl. She says "yes" and agrees with her mom on everything, even if it could get her in trouble.

She is so adorable, dressed in her yellow, long sleeve shirt and white skirt. But apparently, she was up to no good today, and her mommy caught her red-handed. But she did not object to Mommy's accusations at all. When her mom would ask her a question, with her two pig-tails bouncing in the air, she would give her mom a favorable, "Yes!".

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Her mom was confronting her about putting one of her slippers in the bathtub. She asked her precious little girl did she do it, and without any hesitation, the little miss said "Yes!". Her mom asked her was it naughty, and without any shame or guilt, she answers again with a confident "Yes". Then her mom asked was she sorry and chuckled after getting another yes from her little girl.

Her mom asked her a few more questions that were all obviously answered with affirmative yeses. But what was so hilarious was when the little girl was asked would she do it again. And she gave another resounding, "Yes". Her mom could not hold in her laughter. But hey, at least she was honest. Who else was giggling along with this momma?

WATCH: Little Girl Says Yes To Mommy’s Questions

Credut: Rumble/Emily Carnall

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