Mommy Plays An Adorable Switch-A-Roo On Her Deaf 2-Year-Old Daughter

godupdates mommy pranks two-year-old deaf daughter

Pulling good-hearted pranks can be so hilarious, especially when little ones are involved. This mommy pulled a good-hearted prank on her two-year-old deaf daughter and her reaction is so adorable.

Kendra and her two-year-old daughter Raelyn were sitting at the kitchen table playing with Play-Doh. They were making colorful creations. Kendra made a pink and green cupcake and then came up with a silly idea. She decided to pull a prank on Raelyn and pretended to eat the cupcake.

Raelyn is not able to hear, so she and her mommy communicate using sign language. So, Kendra patted Raelyn and signed for her to watch her trick. She put her cupcake made out of Play-Doh to her mouth and opened her mouth really wide.

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Raelyn quickly signed that it is gross! That's when Kendra pretended to stuff the cupcake in her mouth, but she actually hid it out of sight. "No, no, no. Gross!", Raelyn said.

She asked to see inside her mom's mouth. And Kendra opened up her mouth wide enough for Raelyn to see. The expression on Raelyn's face is priceless. She looked so concerned. She just could not believe that her mommy would eat Play-Doh!

Kendra could not hold in her laughter and grabbed the Play-Doh cupcake and handed it over to Raelyn. She took the Play-doh and smiled so big. "Gotcha!" Kendra said to Raelyn. That was so funny! The two of them had a good laugh. What is life without laughter?

WATCH: Mommy Pranks Two-Year-Old Deaf Daughter

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