Little Girl With Autism Movingly Signs Her Favorite Song

godupdates girl learns australian sign language

Cadence does not let her unique way of learning get in the way of her singing. She has autism, but this little girl learns Australian Sign Language to help her communicate and now she is sharing her talent.

Cadence is a nine-year-old girl with a special ability. She has autism which sometimes gets in the way of her being able to communicate efficiently. Her teachers noticed that she was having such a difficult time. So they came up with just the solution to help Cadence communicate with them!

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Cadence's teacher taught her Australian Sign Language so that she would be able to clearly express what she would like to say. Cadence is diligent in practicing and really enjoys learning more about her new way of communication. She uses YouTube videos to help her practice her skills and even shared a video of her signing.

In the video, Cadence is singing the song "Shine Together" but she is singing it in a way that has never been seen before! She is singing the song with her hands in Australian Sign language! It is so amazing!

She confidently and passionately signs the words. She looks so joyful! Her story is such an encouragement. I am sure other children who may have had experiences just like her will be inspired to find other avenues to help them communicate better.

WATCH: Little Girl Learns Australian Sign Language

Credit: Rumble/Caters_News

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