13-Year-Old Country Singer Wrote An A Song For Children With Autism And Special Needs

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This young country singer wrote a heartfelt song to help give a voice to children who have Autism and other special needs. You have got to hear it!

Emilie Sunshine Hamilton, best known as EmiSunshine is a 13-year-old singer and songwriter with a beautiful, country-style voice. She writes songs that have a so much meaning and she just released a new single. The new single is called "Ninety Miles" and it is one of her most moving songs yet. It has such a powerful message and it really touched my heart when I heard the song.

A lot of children who have autism and other special needs struggle with feeling accepted. They have a hard time processing their emotions and expressing them in a way that shows exactly how they feel. But EmiSunshine's song said exactly what they may feel and it is impacting so many people.

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EmiSunshine wrote the song out of empathy and compassion for children who have autism and children who have other special needs. The lyrics of the song are written from their perspective which shows that she thought a lot about what they may be going through on a daily basis. I guess you can say that EmiSunshine is able to communicate how children who have autism and other special needs may feel in a way that they are not able to communicate.

The song is so emotional, but it really makes those who have these common struggles feel heard. And it helps those who do not share in those struggles have a more understanding heart. It also helps us see how things are from a different point of view. Just listen to the words.

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