Emotional Moment This Deaf Mom With Dementia Remembers Her Daughter

deaf mom with dementia remembers her daughter mj grant

Dementia is an awful disease that strips someone of their memories. Because of this, MJ Grant’s mother doesn’t always recognize her. Thankfully, though, the cameras were rolling to capture the touching moment when this deaf mom with dementia remembers her daughter.

The good times and bad times we experience truly shape us into the person we are. And our lives are made up of a collection of memories. We can call upon those memories for comfort or inspiration or any number of reasons.

And that’s what makes diseases like dementia just so devastating.

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It’s so hard watching a loved one as their precious memories slip away. The personality of someone you once knew so well can change drastically. It’s a storm a woman named MJ Grant is weathering right now with her own mother.

But MJ points out that sometimes moments of “beauty and sweet little surprises” hide within the confusion. And those special moments make the tough times worthwhile.

Daughter Takes Mom With Dementia To Beach

Both of MJ’s parents are deaf. But her mother now suffers from dementia and often gets confused.

It’s not easy. But MJ does a great job of focusing on the positive. And she shared a lovely video of her with her mom to show that sometimes, dementia can be beautiful.

In the clip, MJ has taken her mom for a ride to the beach. They sit together in the car and MJ talks with her, using American Sign Language.

You can tell MJ’s mom has no idea she’s talking to a relative, let alone her daughter. But MJ takes it all in stride, patiently answering her deaf mom’s questions about MJ’s family.

MJ smiles sweetly as she signs and gently coaxes her mom to the realization of who she is. Suddenly, you can see that spark of recognition. It’s like a light clicks on and everything comes back.

The deaf mom with dementia remembers MJ is her daughter and also that she has another child. And it’s nearly impossible to watch this beautiful moment without coming to tears.

This touching video has been making its rounds across the internet, with over 9 million views. Dementia make have taken its toll, but it can’t break the incredible bond between mother and child!

WATCH: Deaf Mom With Dementia Remembers Her Daughter

Dementia can be beautiful. Yesterday I took my mother for a ride to the beach. Taking her out of her element (my home, where she lives) can be confusing for her. Within the confusion there can be such beauty and sweet little surprises. I simply adore her. 💓

Posted by MJ Grant on Sunday, January 27, 2019

h/t: Godtube.com

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