Mom Wrote A Letter To Her Future Daughter-In-Law And It Was Beautiful

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This mom wrote a letter to her future daughter-in-law and it was beautiful. You have to read what she wrote.

A mother's love for her son is so immense. Moms often think about who their children will fall in love with and marry. And this mom shares in a letter how she prays for and loves her future daughter-in-law.

Rachel has three sons and every day she thinks about their future. One thing, in particular, crosses her mind though. And that is the woman that her sons will choose to marry. She understands how significant that woman would be and the role that she would play as her son's wife.

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So, Rachel wrote a letter to her future daughter-in-law and it was the most heartfelt letters you would ever read. She started her letter off with telling her future daughter-in-law that she already loves her even though she does not know her because she will love her son one day. For right now, Rachel holds her son’s hand, but she knows that one day he will be holding hands with his wife forever. She will be the one he shares his kisses with.

Rachel thought that she would one day have a daughter. Even though she never had a biological daughter, she knows that she will have a daughter and it will be her son's wives. And just like she prays for her sons, she prays for her future daughters.

The most beautiful statement she said was that she knows that God sees her daughter-in-law as a princess and she reassured her that she is raising her sons to value her in the same way.

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