Adopted Daughter Reunited With Her Birth Mom After 48 Years

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Kathy put her daughter Amanda up for adoption so many years ago. But the two of them reunited after 48 years and it was such an emotional first time meeting.

48 years ago, Kathy had to put her daughter, Amanda, up for adoption. Fortunately, Kathy was able to choose the right parents for Amanda. She gave them a high school picture of herself along with a pleasant thank you note for providing a loving home for her.

As Amanda grew up, her parents did not keep her adoption a secret from her. In fact, her adopted mom even gave her the picture of her biological mother to keep. And since Amanda had her biological mothers name and picture, she was able to find Kathy on Facebook and arranged a reunion.

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Kathy, her second daughter, and her granddaughter all got on a plane to meet Amanda. On the flight, Kathy and her granddaughter were so excited and nervous at the same time. They had no idea how Amanda and her family would feel once they met. Kathy already had tears in her eyes on the plane. It was so emotional.

But all of the nervousness went away when Kathy spotted Amanda waiting for her in the airport. "Hey, baby girl", she called. And the two of them were filled with so much joy. The moment they all have been waiting for is finally here. As soon as Kathy stepped off of the escalator, she ran to wrap her arms around her daughter. Amanda gave her birth mom the long-awaited hug and kiss and she squealed as she embraced her sister and her nieces.

Amanda and her mom did not waste any time making up for the decades that they spent apart from each other. Kathy even got a chance to attend Amanda’s college graduation. This is definitely the beginning of a new chapter for their family. What a beautiful moment. Do you know anyone who has been blessed enough to have a reunion like this one?

WATCH: Daughter’s First Time Meeting Biological Mom

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