Colorado All State Choir Sings ‘Down To The River To Pray’ On Hotel Balcony

In an impromptu performance from the balcony of their hotel, the Colorado All State choir sings ‘Down to the River to Pray’. And the incredible moment, which has since gone viral, simply blew everyone away!

Sometimes life takes you by surprise with little, unplanned treasures.

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And this touching performance is one of those moments. It reminds us all that God is the center of everything!

Impromptu Balcony Performance Goes Viral

Beautiful voices from this talented choir mingled together to deliver the powerful lyrics of the song:

"As I went down in the river to pray

Studying about that good old way

And who shall wear the starry crown

Good Lord, show me the way!"

High school students from all over the state come together to make up the Colorado All State Choir. And today, the students’ incredible gift for singing and performing is on full display!

The members of this treble ensemble step outside of their hotel rooms. They gather together and as far up as you can see, the students line the hotel balcony. Then, they start singing a cappella.

Together, their voices and the acoustics of the hotel create a hauntingly beautiful version of the iconic hymn, ‘Down To The River To Pray'.

"O sisters, let’s go down,

Let’s go down, come on down

O sisters, let’s go down

Down in the river to pray"

There’s no question, this talented group of students sure knows how to put on a show! Despite coming from all over the state, these singers all join together for this stunning performance. And it’s touching people all over the country!

This a cappella performance has received over 7 million views on social media. Give it a listen and you’ll understand why in no time!

WATCH: Colorado All State Choir Sings ‘Down to the River to Pray’ From Hotel Balcony

Amazing high school students sing "Down to the River to Pray" from hotel balconies!!! The singers are the treble ensemble of the Colorado All State Choir, which includes 34 of my finest Arvada West Choir students and awesome students from across the state! Hear more from Arvada West Choirs on our YouTube Channel… Hear more from Colorado All State at their Facebook page… Colorado All State Choir

Posted by Chris Maunu on Sunday, February 3, 2019


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