She’s Had So Much Pain And Suffering. But She’s Turning Her Hurt Into VICTORY For Jesus!

“I choose to walk in the blessings of God.”

Our book stores and the world wide web are inundated with millions of ‘self-help’ and ‘the idiots guide to everything’ but what I’ve found most appealing is simple honesty. This mom’s blog is all that. Her blog name is “Barely Radiant Mom” which is just about perfect.

This mom describes herself as a “Strong Willed Wife” who’s madly in love with her husband, adores her children, spends her days as a Social Worker, addicted to coffee and links her sanity to her faith in God. WOW- that’s AWESOME! She lives “intentionally grateful” and believes laughter is key to a happy life.

One of her recent blogs was entitled “My Life Story” and I am passing it along to you. I really appreciate her honesty and her ability to tackle life’s tough realities.

My Life’s Story (by BarelyRadiantMom)

"But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good...." Genesis 50:20

There is always a wonder in the faces of children when I put this crude drawing of what my family looked like when I was a child. I give presentations to children from all types of back grounds, mostly to children who come from single parent homes, or children raised by family members, and more often than not children who have a parent that is or has been incarcerated.

I stand confidently in front of these children, with a sincere smile, successful, whole. They see me, and hopefully see themselves.

In times of reflection I recognize God's guiding hand on my life. I see all the pain and loss and grief that I have gone through, because of the choices of others. If I dwell on it the tears fall unheeded because no time erases the pain of a beloved father walking away from his faith, and his family.

It is then that I resolve to love the unwanted. To hug the child so hungry for affection. To have compassion and shun what our society says will make me happy.

I am who I am because of what I went through as a child. I have chosen to take all the hurt and turn it into victory. I choose to walk in the blessings of God. I choose to walk in love. I choose to be my own person, always. A child of God whose self worth comes not from my material possessions or physical attractiveness; but it comes from the radiating knowledge that I am His and He is mine.

WOW – thank you, Barely Radiant Mom, for sharing your story! Your beautiful heart is a creation of God and it’s wonderful to see and hear how you honor God with the work that you do. May God bless you and keep you and your family safe in His hands.

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