Bluegrass Version of ‘Victory in Jesus’ is A Toe Tapper

First Baptist Church in Dallas TX has us tappin' our toes to this bluegrass version of ‘Victory In Jesus’. This wonderful classic hymn always reminds us of summer gospel sing nights where all the generations would gather together for a night of worship!

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While many may think of this as their grandparent's church music, this hymn holds just as true today as it ever has! What a Victory to be able to sing out God's promises and to have a Hope for the future. No matter how dark the world becomes we as believers already have the victory!

Bluegrass Version of 'Victory in Jesus' is A Toe Tapper


"I heard an old, old story,

How a Savior came from glory, How He gave His life on Calvary

To save a wretch like me;

I heard about His groaning,

Of His precious blood’s atoning,

Then I repented of my sins

And won the victory.”

We hope you've won the victory and given your heart to the Father! What a loving God we serve who sent His Son to pardon us from sin and death! While we love this upbeat, bluegrass version of ‘Victory In Jesus' don't let that detract from the importance of the lyrics! We hope you worship along with the chorus and can shout from the top of your voice that you indeed have the victory and serve the risen Lord, your Savior forever!

"O victory in Jesus,

My Savior, forever.

He sought me and bought me

With His redeeming blood;

He loved me ere I knew Him

And all my love is due Him,

He plunged me to victory,

Beneath the cleansing flood."

What a blessing this beautiful hymn is to both our ears and our souls!


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