Adorable Kid Yodeler Mason Ramsey Sings ‘White Christmas’

Kid Yodeler Mason Ramsey Sings White Christmas

It's that time of year when we start to see new Christmas albums pop up and begin to get into the spirit of the holidays! Kid Yodeler Mason Ramsey is back covering a holiday classic, "White Christmas".

The song originally written by Irving Berlin in the 1940's, is most famously known for being sung by crooner, Bing Crosby. Performed in both "Holiday Inn" and the movie of the same name "White Christmas" it quickly became synonymous with the holiday. For those in service, the song quickly gained fame in the USO shows as generations of soldiers have sacrificed their time with family for their duty to country.

Mason Ramsey is building his career on a sweet vintage vibe with a hat tip to Hank Williams. He's adorable in his boy-next-door charm and talented yodeling skills. Covering classics like "White Christmas" we think Mason may be a household name this year if he isn't already! The single cover itself is a great throwback to Christmas past complete with faux snow, tinsel, and Christmas cookies.

Kid Yodeler Mason Ramsey - White Christmas (Official Lyric Video)


The 12-year-old tackles the Christmas classic with strong vocals and smooth slides from note to note. He had us thinking he was an old soul trapped in a young whippersnappers body! That is until he told the reasoning behind his love of the song...

"'White Christmas' is the best holiday song and I've grown up listening to Michael Bublé's version with Shania Twain. It's also a song in Home Alone, too - my favorite movie to watch at Christmas!"

Whatever gets them loving the "classics"! We're sure that Mason will be picking up quite a few vintage holiday tunes this year and we are eager to hear them all!


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