After Being Doused In Acid, You’ll Be Shocked By How Sweet This Pup Is

When you see such cruelty, sometimes it's hard to look past the evil. And the in following images, which some may find disturbing, is proof that there is evil out there. But that's not what this story is about. It's about the triumph over evil.

The San Antonio Animal Care Services received an anonymous call alerting them to a dog that had been abused. And I'm sure, in their line of work, the investigators never know just what they will find with such a call. But I'm sure none imagined the sad scene they were about to enter.

When the officers arrived, they found Rosie. The poor pup was victim to some pretty horrendous abuse. She was underweight and tested positive for heartworm. But simple neglect would have been a blessing for this dog. The most severe abuse came when her head was doused in hydrochloric acid. Officer Audra Houghton, the field operations supervisor from the shelter that rescued Rosie, describes the damage, saying,

""She looks pretty horrific. Her entire head is burnt. There isn't any skin untouched. Her eyes are burnt. She's lost all of one ear that was essentially melted off."

In addition to the burns, the attack also left her blind — something her rescuers are praying is only temporary. But, now that Rosie is in the right hands, this heartbreaking tale does have a happy ending.

At the shelter, Rosie received the medical attention and the love that she so desperately needed. An outreach manager from the shelter shared the following update:

“The first few days that she was here, she appeared really glum. It was pretty clear she didn’t know … what had happened to her, where she was. [Wednesday], we went in to check on her and we found her wagging her tail. [The day] was filled with tail-wagging and kisses.”

And now that she is in a safe place, Rosie is on the road to recovery. She's putting on weight, and her fur is starting to grow back. Once she is strong enough, Rosie will receive eye surgery with the hopes that it will restore her vision. And since the story of this sweet girl has spread, enough donations have been made to cover all of her medical expenses.

Please pray for continued healing of this precious pup. Once her surgery and rehabilitation is complete, the next step will be finding a loving home. But, looking at that sweet face, I think that may be the easiest part of her journey!

Praise God for the compassionate and loving people he has placed throughout this world. For though there is certainly evil out there, there are also many ready to step in and do what is right. Do not let the negativity of the world weigh you down, but instead, focus on the good that is out there!

"Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good." Romans 12:21

h/t: HuffPost Good News