Mother Gets on Knees to Sing a Worship Song in Middle of the Street & Her Sweet Child Joins in

sing worship song mother and daughter

A mother stops in the street and drops to her knees to sing a worship song. And in no time, her tiny daughter is joining in, too!

Those lucky enough to become parents have been given a monumental task and responsibility. They are literally entrusted with raising and teaching the next generation.

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Children, who are eager to learn, are always watching and listening to their parents’ words and actions. How parents act and what they say will have a big impact on their child's development and life.

A clip posted on YouTube shows how a mother is using her influence to teach her young child how important it is to praise and thank the Lord.

Mother And Daughter Sing Worship Song

The short video shows a mom and her little girl on the side of the street. And you can hear a musician playing in the distance, off camera.

While it's unclear who is performing, there is no question as to what song is being played. The mother and her child are listening to "Way Maker."

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As the song plays, the mother is down on her knees. With her right hand raised in the air, she is praising the Lord. In the mother's left hand is a cell phone, which she looks to be filming her little girl, sitting on a bench right in front of her. The little girl, emulating her mother, also has her hand raised, signaling praise for God.

Both mother and daughter sing the worship song and praise the Lord. Neither of them is letting the fact that they are in public stop them from praising the Lord.

This mother, by her actions, is demonstrating to her little girl how important it is to praise and thank the Lord, regardless of the location and what others may say or think.

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Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old, he will not depart from it."

WATCH: Mother And Tiny Daughter Sing Worship Song On The Street

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