Micah Tyler’s Worship Song ‘Different’

Micah Tyler 'Different' Music Video

Micah Tyler’s family was left reeling after cancer diagnoses and devastation to their family home. Micah was struggling to find God in it all and that’s when the message from the Lord that is in the song ‘Different’ came to him. In a world like ours, it’s easy to get into a pattern and never go out of your comfort zone. But when God lights a fire in your soul, you will be ready to head out and shout His praises from the rooftops.

This powerful worship song is the perfect reminder! We want the whole world to see the fire we have for the Lord and share that light with others. When we hand our worries and fears over to God, amazing things start to happen. Share these wonders with the world as we sing to His name. Amen!

Source: MicahTylerVevo