7-Year-Old Finds Lottery Ticket And Uses It For Good

7-Year-Old Finds Winning Lottery Ticket And Buys Food For The Needy

7-year-old Phoebe Brown was out with her mom when she noticed her mom walked right past a winning lottery ticket sitting on the ground. Phoebe was shocked when she found out the ticket was worth $100! Phobe was thinking about what to do with the money when she remembered her school was collecting food for less fortunate families in her town. That’s when she asked her parents if they could use the money to help out with the food drive.

Of course, they said yes. And now this sweet little girl with the big heart is making headlines for her selfless kindness. Needless to say, her class won the school’s competition and now she is getting to take a big chunk out of her principal’s famous beard. Sweet Phoebe seems to think nothing of her good deed, but we know that our world needs a lot more people like this sweet girl!

Source: KSHB