Spry 97-Year-Old Dances The Charleston

Spry 97-Year-Old Dances The Charleston

This granny may be 97 years old, but she can still do the Charleston with the best of them!

Every now and again you see someone who proves that age is just a number. Whether it is their physical fitness, their zest for life, or how they keep up with their grandkids these folks can truly be an inspiration.

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This 97-year-old grandma is one of those inspiring people. You see she lives with family and every day that she wakes up and feels up to it this granny gets her groove on. Her daily work out is to the Wii video game ‘Just Dance.’

Spry 97-Year-Old Dances The Charleston

credit: youtube.com

The game puts choreography up on the screen and you follow along tracking your motions with the hand-held controller. And much to this granny’s delight the ‘Just Dance’ game has a Charleston in its list of dances.

Just watch as she stands in front of the television and starts to dance the Charleston. She may be creeping up on 100, but this granny doesn’t show it.

Between her quick footwork and the smile on her face you’d think she was just a kid at a dance hall. I just love the happiness on her face as she moves around the living room busting a move.

Spry 97-Year-Old Dances The Charleston

credit: rumble.com

Her age certainly is not stopping her from getting up and showing off. And the best part is that her message is, “If I can do it anyone can do.”

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What a fun way to get your exercise in during the day. I sure hope that I have this much energy when I get her age. I can’t even dance that well at my age! Who else is smiling so big as this funny granny? What an amazing lady!

WATCH: 97-Year-Old Granny Dances The Charleston

Credit: DanceGrannyDance