Granddaughter Dances With Her 93-Year-Old Grandfather

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A 93-Year-Old Grandfather Dances with his granddaughter every day and they made the more adorable compilation dance video. You have got to see it!

Rachel is her 93-year-old grandfather's caregiver while he is going through stages of Alzheimer’s. Her days are full of chores, making sure her grandfather has all he needs and dancing. Lots, and lots of dancing. So, Rachel created a video compilation of clips of her and her grandfather dancing all around the house.

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This dancing video was so cute. It started with the fun and upbeat music that she and her grandfather always get down too. After getting the camera rolling, got her grandfather right up on his feet so that they can start dancing. He did not hesitate to grab her by the hand and get out of his chair.

Rachel's grandfather may have forgotten a few things here and there, but he definitely remembers all of his smooth dance moves. And he was having a great time dancing with Rachel. And she sure did have the biggest smile on her face the whole entire video.

The two of them joined hands and swayed side to side with the beat of the music. The two of them took turns showing off their dance moves. Rachel's grandfather would clap in encouragement when it was her turn to dance. I loved how they had a cute little step going on. It was so adorable!

WATCH: 93-Year-Old Grandfather Dances With His Granddaughter

Credit: Youtube/Entergalactic

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