14-Year-Old Girl Steps In When She Spots A Stranded Boy Sitting Alone In A Parking Lot

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Tionae Thomas couldn’t be prouder of her 14-year-old daughter. Plenty of people overlooked a boy sitting alone under a tree in a shopping center parking lot. But not Tionae’s daughter. The 14-year-old girl stepped in to help the stranded boy. And the internet is applauding this compassionate young lady for her kindness!

Tionae and her daughter were on the way home. But as they passed a shopping center, Tionae’s daughter begged her to pull over. She’d noticed a boy who looked like he was most likely in elementary school. He sat all alone under a tree in a small island within the parking lot.

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“It’s too hot mama,” the girl told her mom.

So, Tionae pulled over and her daughter got out, asking the stranded boy where his parents were. The boy didn’t know.

Kindness From A Stranger

The kind girl let the stranded boy use her cell phone to give his dad a call. Then she suggested he move from his spot under the tree to the front of a nearby Rite Aid. She told him it would be safer.

Getting back into the car with her mom, the girl asked to wait to make sure the stranded boy got picked up. She hated the idea of leaving him alone. And because of the warmer temps, she wanted to get him some water.

Tionae couldn’t help but brag on her sweet girl, posting the story on Facebook. Soon, Love What Matters shared the post and it soon went viral. Everyone applauded her 14-year-old daughter for showing such kindness.

Plenty of others must have noticed the boy. Maybe they left him alone because they didn’t want to intrude or scare him. Maybe they just assumed someone else would do something. But Tionae’s daughter was the only one to step in and help.

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After going viral, more information came out regarding why the boy was stranded. Apparently his parents recently divorced and had their schedules mixed up. Who knows how long the young man would have been waiting if Tionae’s daughter hadn’t stepped in.

We’re proud of this kind-heart 14-year-old, too. It certainly restores my faith in the next generation!

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