Grooving Granny’s Dance Moves Go Viral

granny dancing to sweet dreams by eurythmics goes viral

You know how it is when your song comes on. You’ve just gotta move. And this grooving Granny dancing to Sweet Dreams has got some serious moves. No wonder she’s going viral!

Clearly, this Granny is no stranger to the dance floor. And when the Eurythmics' hit song Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) started to play at this stadium, she couldn’t resist dancing along. While we’re not sure what was happening on-stage at this event, this grooving Granny stole the spotlight in no time. She became the show everyone wanted to see!

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Thankfully, a bystander caught this impromptu dance performance on camera. Despite being bundled up in several layers of pink, this little lady is clearly having the time of her life! And her incredible moves have the whole Internet talking.

granny dancing to sweet dreams goes viral


Just watch as she grooves along to the music. You don’t have to watch this Granny dancing to Sweet Dreams for too long before you realize this isn’t her first time breaking it down!

She’s obviously having a great time and her joy is truly contagious. And there’s no doubt that Granny has some serious moves. Wouldn’t you just love to join in on this dance party? I don’t know about you, but looks like she could definitely teach me a thing or two – ha!

Want proof that age is nothing but a number? This Granny dancing to Sweet Dreams is it! I certainly hope I have half the energy as this woman when I get to be her age.

WATCH: Grooving Granny Dancing To Sweet Dreams

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Credit: MrBabovideos

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