Mom Sat Down And Wrote A Letter About Her Granny Panties And Then It Went Viral Online

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Adrian Wood is a proud mother of four children who is inspiring others with an empowering letter she wrote to herself wearing while wearing ‘granny panties.’

We all know granny panties–the type of underwear you wouldn’t find at Victoria’s Secret, but boy are they comfortable! This strong and sassy mama is proudly rocking her granny panties. And when she shared an open letter to her granny panties wearing self, the post went viral.

Woman’s Inspiring Letter About Granny Panties

This is what she wrote on her Facebook page:

Dear Girl in the Giant Underpants,

You are awesome. You've pushed your body to the limit- swimming, roller skating, sports, gymnastics. Never the very best, but you ran hard and you showed up. Life's a bit different these days, isn't it?

You still run hard, but wonder, who has time to exercise?
You show up so many places, forget a few, and you think to yourself- how does she look so good?
Maybe life's not so different after all.

You are wonderful and amazing and you rock those giant underpants. I mean, you've earned wearing them. It's not just that you're over 40. Nope, you've given birth three times and number four was a c-section. Your body never has bounced back after that, though honestly, you've got bigger fish to fry than a smushy tummy.

You are more than that bit of pudge.

You are more than those giant underpants.

You are a mama and a warrior and you are present, soaking in the moments rather than wishing them away. I know you're tired, so let yourself rest a while.

Be the best mama you can be and if it's running every day, then go for it.

If it's coffee with cream and sugar, live it up.

If it's climbing the jungle gym, chasing geese and ice cream on the way home, own it.

You are enough. You are more than enough. Those giant underpants don't define you.

What a wonderful reminder not to define ourselves by any worldly measure (including the size of our undergarments!) God made each of us in his image and we are all designed perfectly!

So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them –Genesis 1:27 New International Version (NIV)

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. –Psalm 139:14 ESV

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Mom Deals With Grocery Store Cashier

Adrian knows we are designed perfectly only too well–not only because she accepts her own body, granny panties and all, but also because her youngest of four children, Amos, was born with a rare genetic condition called Med12. There are fewer than 50 people in the world with Med12, which can cause some developmental delays including difficulties communicating.

Adrian went shopping once with her youngest son, and Amos became very upset. While Adrian tiredly struggled to learn the cause of Amos’ unhappiness, the cashier uttered three words that would infuriate any parent, let alone a mother of a child with special needs. “Is he spoiled?” the cashier asked after rolling her eyes.

Is he spoiled?

We can only imagine what was going through Adrian’s mind as she tried to calm her son and come up with a response to the unthinking cashier.

Then the cashier repeated the question. Two more times.

“Is he spoiled?” the cashier repeated.

Do you know how sometimes you draw a blank at the time, but come up with the perfect response once you get home? Well here is the answer Adrian shared about the incident in an article on The Mighty:

Is he spoiled? I don't think so, as I feel unfortunately that my tired self shows up more than my compassionate self. So to the grocery checker, please know that I am trying hard, as I want nothing more than to be a good mama to my Amos. I am so honored to have the blessing of loving and raising his precious soul. Perhaps I am spoiled though.

Read the beautiful post that Adrian shared about her precious Amos here:

Check out more from Adrian on her blog.

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