72-Year-Old Grandpa Joins 10-Year-Old In Epic Tap Dance Routine

grandpa and granddaughter tap dancing

This grandpa and granddaughter tap dancing duo quickly became the talk of the town. And after their video went viral online, they became the talk of the internet, too!

When 10-year-old Maeve asked her Grandpa Bill to be her tap dance partner, he certainly couldn't turn the opportunity down! But Bill had some surprises up his sleeve. Not only had this 72-year-old danced before, but his father and grandmother were dancers as well!

"It's crazy," Maeve Jones told 7News WHDH. "My mom says my grandfather loves to dance, and I asked him if he wanted to do a tap duel with me, and we did it. And it's amazing."

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When this 5th generation duo took the floor, the audience wasn't sure exactly what to expect. But within the first few toe-tapping moments, it was obvious that Maeve and Grandpa Bill were truly talented.

Epic Routine Blows Folks Away

The pair had only done six rehearsals together but it seems tap is like riding a bike – you never forget! Performing to Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone," this adorable pair quickly tapped their way into viral internet fame.

The end of this talented tap dance came to a close with an unexpected big finish! Grandfather Bill stuns the crowd (and the internet) with a well-executed cartwheel. How many Grandpas are still able to do that?! And in tap shoes on a slick ballroom floor to boot!

"I decided to do a cartwheel again — I hadn't done them in a while," he said. "I used to do a bunch of other tricks, but that's the last trick I have left."

The beauty of this dance is how obviously smitten Maeve and Grandpa Bill are for each other. It was awesome to see this devoted grandpa go above and beyond to make his precious granddaughter smile.

“There probably aren't too many tap-dancing grandfathers around," Bill Jones said. "I was very proud to do it, and I was surprised at the response."

We loved every smile and glance they gave each other while performing their tap routine! This is a memory that Maeve will hold onto her whole life!

WATCH: Grandpa And Granddaughter Tap Dancing

h/t: Godtube.com

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