Rival Teams Come Together For The Touchdown Of The Year

High School Football Players Help Student With Cerebral Palsy Score Touchdown

Every now and then you see something truly special happen. And what happened at this high school football game is one of those things. Senior Sepp Shirey was born with Cerebral Palsy and in the final home game of the football season, Sepp wanted more than anything to score a touchdown.

credit: facebook.com

His team the Atlee Raiders was thrilled to offer Sepp this chance and planned to help him run the ball two yards or so for his touch down. The Raider’s coaches contacted the opposing team, the Blue Devils, to see if they would go along with the plan.

credit: facebook.com

Of course, the coaches said yes and made sure to tell their players all about it. But that’s when something wonderful happened. The Blue Devils decided they wanted to give Sepp a truly incredible play. So they planned to help him run the ball 80 yards into the end zone. When you see this incredible moment and how Sepp gave it all he’s got you’ll be moved.

credit: facebook.com

You know that when he collapsed over that line he was exhausted but filled with a joy like no other. Seeing these young men put pride and competition aside to come together for one good is something I’ll never forget.

Source: CBS 6 News