Talented Sand Artist Tells The Jungle Book Story

Have you ever wanted to become a storyteller, but never could find a way that interests you? Well, Sarvsm Patal did! He is an amazing, very talented artist who tells stories through his work. And he does it in the most breath-taking way! Sarvsm uses his fingers and colorful sand to paint illustrations that will make your imagination go wild! It is amazing!

Recently, he was on India's Got Talent and he was able to show off his creative skill! By using sand and a desk with a light underneath, Sarvsm tells the story of "The Jungle Book". He brought so many of the characters to life in his illustrations.

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Sarvsm painted the story of Mowgli, "the man-cub", and his friend Baloo. He adds wolves, tigers, and monkeys. He really does bring the story to life a whole new way! Music played as he ran his fingers through the sand to create wind, water, and other elements that are part of the legendary movie.

The audience is wowed as they watch him add so many variations of color. He definitely told the story like you have never seen before. With each wave of his finger, he brings perfectly execute every single detail. Each image will leave you in awe!

WATCH: Talented Artist Tells Story With Sand

Credit: Youtube/Got Talent Global

Source: Youtube/Got Talent Global

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