The Gardiner Sisters Sing A Powerful Acoustic Cover of ‘You Raise Me Up’

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Many artists sing their own versions of the song “You Raise Me Up”, but one of my recent favorites has been the one by The Gardiner Sisters. The song "You Raise Me Up" was originally written by a group called, "Secret Garden". It was written to encourage so many people from all over the world to continue to trust God. He can lift us up out of any and every situation and that is what the song is all about.

The lyrics of the song really resonates with me because it is a true testimony to how Christ is our strength. He is always with us when there are troubles. He is our cornerstone. "You Raise Me Up" reminds me of that.

"You raise me up to walk on stormy seas".

Every week, The Gardiner sisters post videos on their YouTube Channel of them singing their own renditions of well-known songs. This time they did a lovely music video of them singing "You Raise Me Up".

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"You raise me up to more than I can be".

Their cover of the song is an acoustic mix played by a featured musician, AJ Rafael. The four of them sing in perfect harmony. They deliver such a heavenly sound as they sing, and it is so beautiful. You can really feel the power of every word.

WATCH: The Gardiner Sisters Sing “You Raise Me Up”

Credit: Youtube/Gardiner Sisters

Source: Youtube/Gardiner Sisters

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