Hilarious Family Sings Their Way Through Thanksgiving

Holderness Thanksgiving Song Parody Mashup

Thanksgiving time is upon us. And all of the cooking and cleaning and traveling to see family can really take it out of you.

So it is so important this time of year to take a step back and really enjoy the time we get with our families. And if your family is anything like mine, that means laughing at all our silly antics throughout the years.

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The Holderness Family knows just how important humor is around the holidays. And they always bring the laughs with their funny parodies of popular songs. A few years back they took the internet by storm with their newest parody of Meghan Trainor’s ‘All About That Bass,’ the very festive ‘All About That Baste.’

Holderness Thanksgiving Song Parody Mashup

credit: youtube.com

Their chorus talking about needing ‘more butter’ is so true! And apparently, this dad gets kicked out of the kitchen every year just like my husband. This one is for sure one of my favorites that Holderness clan has done!

But they are back this year with another hilarious Thanksgiving song. And this year it is a mashup of all kinds of popular hits! They turned Sia’s smash hit ‘Chandelier’ into ‘In-Laws Are Here’ and current chart-topper ‘Despacito’ into ‘Mashed Potatoes’ and I am cracking up.

credit: youtube.com

Holderness Thanksgiving Song Parody Mashup

This hilarious musical parody covers all of the Thanksgiving woes, from visiting family to excessive use of gravy. Oh mercy those mashed potatoes look awful!

Watch The Holderness Thanksgiving Mash-Up!

You'll get a kick out of this fun-loving family's Thanksgiving tune and all of the antics that go into this day. I can definitely relate to this song when thinking about Thanksgiving with my own family.

What about you? Are there any similarities in your holiday traditions? I know one thing for sure, this song is downright hilarious!

Credit: The Holderness Family