Adorable Kids Tell The Story Of Thanksgiving In A Hilarious Way

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These precious kids hilariously tell the story of the first Thanksgiving from their innocent perspective! Thanksgiving time is here! Families are ready to gather ‘round the dinner table and indulge in a long-awaited feast! So many things come to mind when I think of Thanksgiving. It is always a good time to reflect on what we are thankful for and even thinking about how things were on the first Thanksgiving. These kiddos can help us with that!

Already in their places, the children begin telling the whole story of the First Thanksgiving, or at least from what they remember!

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They seem to really know the key points in the history of how the Pilgrims moved from England to America. All dressed up, they begin to tell the story about how the Pilgrims wanted to go to a church and the king of England would not let them be religious.

It is so funny to see them dressed in their 17th-century costumes. They talked all about the boat ride from England to America and how they possibly played dominoes or chess. And oh my gracious, they are too cute!

One little guy acted as the Native American, Squanto. He re-enacts how Squanto showed his little pilgrim buddies how to farm, stay warm, and most importantly, dance and have a good time! They even pretend to make a treaty between each other in the same way the Pilgrims and Native American's did on that day. Their innocence is so adorable, I can't stop laughing!

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WATCH: Precious Kids Hilariously Share About Thanksgiving

h/t: Youtube / History Channel

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