This Girl Was Born Different But That’s Not What Makes Her Special. What She Did After Surgery Wowed Me!

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This sweet girl was born different, but she has a huge heart and wisdom beyond her young 12 years.

Cassidy Huff was born with a rare dwarfism syndrome, and she regularly needs spinal surgery. She’s had 33 different surgeries so far–can you even imagine?

And, even though she was going through her own challenges, she’s made the incredible choice to help others.

Cassidy decided to use her recovery period after her last surgery to help the special needs students who she tutors at school. Some of the students are nonverbal and have difficulty with communication, so Cassidy set up an online fundraiser to buy each special needs student an iPad.

Last Friday, with the money she raised in just two months, Cassidy surprised the class with eight iPads, all loaded with software to help the students to communicate!

Cassidy believes there will always be someone worse off than herself. So, she focuses outward and it shows!

“I can’t believe that a seventh-grader has the compassion that she has and the understanding of what these kids need,” Amy Moore, a special education teacher said. “It’s extremely exciting to know that these kids can have their own voice instead of always relying on us trying to figure out they need.”

Before receiving the iPads, the nonverbal students in the special education class pointed to pictures in a booklet in order to interact with their teacher, according to Cassidy’s fundraising page. The new technology, Moore says, ‘will improve the students’ educational experience.’

“This will be an easy way for them to have their entire vocabulary at their fingertips that they can carry with them,” Moore said.

Cassidy says she was just fulfilling her duty.

“I believe my job is to make them happy, instead of just focusing on myself.”

What a beautiful, wonderful world we’d live in if everyone shared Cassidy’s outlook on life!

It’s important to remember that no matter how bad we think we’ve got it, there’s always someone else who has it worse than we do. By thinking of those less fortunate than ourselves, putting others first, and praying for others, we’re helping others like Jesus would want. Plus it really helps us to remember to be grateful for what we’ve got!

God bless Cassidy and all the lives she’s touching by opening her heart to others.

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