This Sweet 3-Year-Old Did THIS To Help Other Kids. She’s Loving Them Like JESUS Would!

Lots of locks for love.

It wasn’t too long ago that I had very long hair – enough hair for two. I went to the hairdresser for a trim and ended up cutting more than 11 inches off to a very, very short bob almost to my ear lobes. Needless to say, when I arrived home my husband was shocked BUT did the right thing and loved it anyway. I did too. I had been moved by stories of children donating hair for a good cause. Locks of Love is a beautiful, not-for-profit organization offering children a chance to enjoy hair after having lost it all due to medication while being sick. I felt so good to be a part of this loving campaign.

Here is another story, much sweeter than mine. I was in my 40’s when I made this decision, but this adorable 3-year old has a huge heart and an understanding beyond her years. Read on and be inspired by Ariana Smith’s selfless story.

My 3 year old daughter


Meet Ariana Smith. A beautiful and loving 3-year old from Maine who had no desire to ever cut her hair. She loved having long hair and thought it was beautiful! Then one day, after seeing a girl in the news fighting cancer and was bald, she asked her Dad, “Why do some little girls not have hair?” Her Dad answered her simply that when some little girls get sick, they lose their hair. Her immediate response was, “they can have some of mine.”

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Within days, Ariana, who had never had a haircut, offered hers. She had 10 inches cut off and donated her long, blonde hair to Locks of Love. By the look on her face, she’s thrilled to be part of something bigger than herself. She hopes that these little girls can enjoy putting ribbons in their hair, once again.

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This won’t be the last time she does this. She has already begun growing her hair out so that she can do it again. Now that’s sisterly love!

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