Special Cat Teaches Us All How to Love Ourselves Just As We Are

cat on exam table at vet

Georgie Girl is a very special kitten. She was born the runt of a litter of five kittens. Not only that, but she has a cleft palate and deformed nose. Instead of being abandoned because of her deformity, she has been embraced with love.

Georgie was in some trouble at only two weeks old because of how she was born and her human family rushed her to the vet’s office. After a series of treatments, thankfully Georgie Girl recovered.

At six months old, now she is well enough to play with her brothers and sisters. She is a happy kitty and she doesn’t even care about being different.

We could learn a thing or two from Georgie. Her happiness doesn’t depend on beauty or being perceived as “normal.” She knows life is a blessing.

There may be corrective surgery in Georgie’s future to help fix her cleft palate so that she can eat and breathe properly, but she will always be an extremely special kitten.

Try to be like Georgie. God created each of us to be very special. Being just like someone else isn’t going to make you happy… but realizing that life is a blessing and we are protected by the Lord WILL make you happy.


Featured Image Credit: Getty Images