Wedding Party Falls Off Dock And Gets Drenched

wedding party falls on dock

It was the perfect wedding day. The bride and groom and their wedding party looked so stunning for each other and for their photos.

That’s when someone heard a cracking sound. Uh oh!

And the bride and groom took the plunge!

But no worries, it was a great day for a dip in the lake anyway.

After everyone got out they gathered around to laugh at what just happened.

This lovely bride is beaming with joy, even when the unthinkable happened. This couple is so resilient that they are bound to live a long and happy life together. The blushing bride said, “It makes for a good story, I’ll be telling our grandkids.”

Now everyone is shaking the water off….And that they live happily ever after!

1 Thessalonians 5:18

Story Credit: NYDailyNews

Featured Image Credit: Youtube