Woman Is Touched As UPS Driver Hides Package So It Won’t Ruin A Special Surprise

UPS driver hides package

A UPS driver hides a package so that it won’t ruin Hannah Pierce’s birthday surprise for her fiancée. And while it may seem like a small act, his willingness to go above and beyond had a huge impact on Hannah!

Birthdays are special occasions and cause for celebration.

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While the person getting older may not enjoy the annual date on the calendar, others use it as a chance to show how much they care about the person. Cakes are made, and presents are purchased.

One woman, Hannah Pierce, who had purchased a birthday gift for her fiancée, found herself in an odd predicament. She was at work when the gift arrived via UPS, but her boyfriend was at home sick.

Thankfully, Rick, a beloved community member, and a UPS driver, gave Hannah a hand.

UPS Driver Hides Package

Hannah was at work at the time of the delivery. She communicated with Rick through a Ring camera and asked him to hide it if possible because it was a gift for Jason, Hannah's fiancée.

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As the video shows, Jason answered the door and Rick, quick on his feet, gave a convincing but less-than-truthful answer.

"Yeah, I don't have a delivery," Rick said. "I've got the wrong house."

Hannah explained that Rick delivered the package but the UPS driver made sure he was hiding it where only Hannah would find it.

"I have a fenced-in backyard," Hannah said. "He slid it through my fence and behind a trash can. And as soon as I got home, about 45 minutes later, it was safe and sound."

Small Act Of Kindness Has Big Impact

Hannah admits that she was touched by Rick's willingness to help her out by hiding the birthday gift.

"It was mind-blowing," Hannah said. "I was in my office, as I am right now, and kind of, just trying to be quiet. I didn't expect him to go above and beyond. And as soon as he did, I was, my heart sinks. I was like, ‘a lot of people wouldn't do this.'"

That package was delivered with a ton of attention and care!

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Ephesians 4:32 "And be kind to one another, full of pity, having forgiveness for one another, even as God in Christ had forgiveness for you."

WATCH: UPS Driver Hides Package To Protect Birthday Surprise

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